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Stewart, British Columbia is tucked within the majestic mountains on the border of Hyder, Alaska. With a population of about 600 People, there is a great need for a grounded biblical Church to be established and grown. Currently there are no other churches in Stewart except for one Catholic Church which meets only twice a month. Charity Baptist Church was planted over a year ago and has been maintained by two faithful families while they have searched for a Pastor. There is so much potential in Stewart and such a tremendous need that the Lord has placed this small town heavily on our hearts. Our family has answered the call to go and take this task and use it to bring glory to the Lord. Please pray that the Lord will provide the needed finances and travel arrangements as we seek to go to this needy area as soon as possible!

     After a few years of ministry, I became an Assistant Pastor and sought secular employment to help with our financial needs. I became a Deputy Sheriff in Sussex County, Virginia and continued to serve as the Assistant Pastor while employed there. While serving in the Jail, I had the opportunity to minister to the inmates constantly. After about a year, I knew that the Lord wanted me in fulltime Christian service and I began looking for a college to finish my degree. I began Crown College in 2007 and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Missions. Shannon and I are excited about what the Lord has in store for us next as we seek to serve Him!